Basic web design
Primarily for small businesses trying to gain a presence on the web. This solution provides all of the basics of a website at an affordable cost.
Professional web design
A step up from the basic web design, the professional web design provides a stronger foundation for web presence and customer interaction.
Corporate web design
The ultimate in web design! This package is for companies that really want to make their presence known on the web.

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We have been working with HiTech Networks for over three years. It has been the best web design experience. Their staff is creative and highly professional.

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85 % of website visitors will find your site through one of the major 20 search engines.

Search engine optimization refers to techniques used to achieve high rankings in search results for keywords and phrases that are appropriate to a site's content and purpose. Ideally, search engine placement should first be considered during the development phase of a Web design project.
Because each search engine uses its own set of criteria to rank pages, techniques that work well in one search engine may fail miserably in another. To make things even more interesting, the rules continually change. Achieving good placement should, therefore, be considered an ongoing process rather than a one time task.

website owners spend thousands of dollars on creating their site. Many never bother to make sure everything gets done right from the start. Later down the road they have to pay for consulting and redevelopment of their web pages in order to submit and achieve top rankings. To avoid these major expenses in the future our professional representatives will provide you with
FREE CONSULTATION and REPORTS to help you understand what needs to be done for your individual situation.

Prices for top rankings in search engines are based on your individual case.
Mainly it depends on the competition for the same keyword.
If you want to rank in the top 20 under a keyword "investment", there are over 3,000,000 websites competing in the same category. It will require ten times more time and effort to get best results. On the other hand if you want to rank in the first 20 under the search "mountain cabins" there are under 10,000 sites competing for this keyword phrase. Therefore prices are established depending on the amount of work to be performed for your project.

FREE CONSULTATION ( includes free reports & price quotes)
* All search engine solutions for *new website / *existing websites
* Traffic / position reports & analysis
* Competition analysis,
* Keyword research,
* development/ redevelopment of meta tags and pages,
* matching content & meta tags,
* full submission service to achieve top ranking,
* ongoing follow up services ,
* resubmission services to assure you keep the top positions.

* Most important part is choosing the right Keywords to use in your meta tags.

Matching page content - Website content that is relevant and full of matching keywords will do best in the search engines.

Matching Meta Tags - Titles are critical elements to search engines. Give each page a unique and appropriate HTML title that reflects the subject of that page in about four or five words

Meta Description - Fill in the meta description for each page with an interesting and accurate description of the page. Include your most important keyword phrase in the description.

Meta Keywords - The content in this tag is ignored by some search engines but is worth doing. Fill in the content of the meta keywords tag with keywords and keyword phrases relevant to the topic of the page. Never repeat words more than three or four times and be sure to separate repetitions and similar words. Include common misspellings of keywords, mix in capitalized versions of appropriate words, as well as plurals. Don't separate words with commas.

Frames - Because search engines often find specific pages within a framed site, include navigation in each of your frame sets. To give the spider adequate content for ranking (and as a page description in some search engines) include a content-rich document in the NOFRAMES tag.

Dynamic Pages - Many sites make use of dynamic delivery methods such as Cold Fusion, CGI, or ASP. While dynamic content is great for both the web designer and the site visitor, these methods can cause problems with search engines. One problem is that the generated URLs often include special characters. A ? symbol will keep many (but not all) search engines from crawling the page. There are workarounds that you can use to convert these URLs to a better (and more user-friendly) format. Another option is to create and submit special doorway pages that all search engines will have the capability to index.

Web pages that use Macromedia Flash are also a problem for the search engines. Since the spiders cannot currently crawl Flash animating for keywords, those pages generally rate very low in search engine results or even fail to get indexed. Creating an HTML version of the page for submission to the search engines seems to be the best solution at this time.

Links - Some search engines give added weight to text found in links on a web page. Also, many search engines use link popularity as part of their relevance calculations. Consider requesting links to your site from other sites to better your search engine placement.

Spam - Avoid any techniques that could be considered as spam, such as heavy repetition of words, hidden words, indiscriminate use of multiple pages at multiple domains that point to the same place, or the use of automatic redirection that takes viewers to a different URL than the one submitted to the search engine. These techniques may work at first but sooner or later the search engines will catch on. Spam can result in having your site banned from indexing.

Now that we've covered the basics of preparing your pages, let's take a look at how to avoid problems when submitting your pages. As you can see yourself it is a very complicated process and requires knowledge and a lot of experience. Rules for different search engines change on the daily basis. Selecting the right firm for your project is absolutely crucial, so we ask you to give us a chance and prove to you that we are one of the best.

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