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Electronic commerce is an Internet business solution that can help your organization improve market share, increase customer satisfaction and decrease overall operating cost. No matter how you say/write electronic commerce, e-commerce or eCommerce, to get from "Point A to Point B" requires a well thought out plan, execution of the plan and ongoing monitoring & maintenance to ensure a successful move from an environment with traditional boundaries into the age of electronic commerce.

Hitech Networks is full service business management consulting firm, that helps make the transition to e-commerce less burdensome by assisting companies with the necessary strategic planning, tactical planning and integration of electronic business processes.

The rules have changed! In order for an established business to survive and, in fact thrive, new strategies and new processes must be developed and deployed in a cooperative and cost-effective manner. We not only assist clients in aligning operations with predefined strategy, but we can continuously optimize operations to meet changing internal and external business needs in this rapid and sometimes confusing age of electronic business. If your business goals are to improve business-to-business or business-to-consumer capabilities, we can help you build, implement, market and monitor an eCommerce model that takes your organization to the next level of efficient and profitable expansion.

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E-Commerce is often made to seem like a complex, only for the big boys buzzword so companies can portray to their shareholders that they are on the cutting edge of internet marketing technology. The fact is though, E-Commerce is nothing more than melding a plan of action with a product and then a simple online order form.
If you have a plan, have a product, but just don't know to get that product online, than you came to the right place. We can help you join the E-Commerce revolution by combining our three key components to running a professional online E-Business.

1) You need a merchant account to be able to accept credit cards
we will set you up you with e-commerce company that provides these services at a discounted rates. They will waive application FEE with the hosting package ask for details...

2) You need a shop cart which not only is easy to use, but also is fully compatible with your merchant account. If they are not compatible, you will end up processing orders by hand rather than in real time. Our Miva Merchant and Cart-32 software is easy to use, handles an unlimited number of products, and is 100% compatible with our merchant accounts and most other merchant accounts as well. Real time networks include Authorize.Net, Linkpoint API, GoChargeIt, and many many more. Go to for full list of processing networks.

3) You will need a web host which provides secure server access for your web pages, allows for use of a professional shop cart, and can hold your hand while you build your web business. We make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful pre-installed on your website so you can launch your new business within days rather than weeks.

We can provide you with great companies that already taking care of us and our clients. All of them are proven to provide high quality services at reasonable rates!

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