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Case Study #1
Client: Hollywood Agency LLC.

Project Requirements: was looking for a specific online solution to display their talent on the website and have the ability to mail the same database of talent on cdrom. came to Hitech Networks with a goal of being able to market all of their currently listed models and talent online. They wanted to use the database of candidates as their primary source of model and talent inventory control. This would enable to manage all the available models and talent in one system. Because of’s position in the market – Number one model agency in the country and the industry that they work in they required the site to be sharp but simple, clear and easy to navigate.

Review CD-ROM Flash Intro
Review Flash Stats Demonstration with voice-over

Hitech Networks built a database driven solution that enables the staff to completely manage their online listing of models and talent candidates. The solution enables the staff at, with simple word processing skills, to maintain the model and talent catalog. As a model or talent registers with the pictures and skills of the registering candidate are uploaded via the administration interface of the site. These credentials then become live on the public website. Furthermore, the solution allowed to take their entire database of talent, and place them on their Talent cdrom ©. HiTech Networks has maintained Hollywood Auditions' site since 1999. Currently, has over 3,500 pages, and has been redesigned twice over the period of four years. Currently we are under a yearly contract with to manage, update, and provide technical assistance for all of their websites.

The public website was developed with advanced search, find, and viewing engines that allow visitors to the site who are looking for models or talent to search and view the details of each candidate or compare a number of candidates. The look and the feel of the site leveraged existing branding and marketing collateral that had established and the site provided them with an electronic medium for marketing the company.

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